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What Is the Best Learning Environment for 2e Students?

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Understanding the needs of 2e gifted students will help these learners thrive by leveraging their areas of strength and interest to create an individualized 2e education plan for your child.

What Are 2e Students?

Some young people have both extraordinary talents and challenges simultaneously. These students learn differently and face unique obstacles as they strive to express their gifts. 2e or “twice exceptional” students are highly gifted in areas including writing, art, music, or mathematics. These profound gifts seem to go hand in hand with attention challenges, sensory processing issues, and/or being on the autism spectrum.

What Classroom Challenges Do 2e Students Face?

Gifted students are often intensely passionate about their subjects of interest. This can lead to frustration in a traditional classroom setting, where they are expected to sit still and focus on other subjects in an environment that may be quite distracting. This leads to challenges like these:1,2

  • Natural 2e student behaviors being misunderstood as emotional or behavioral issues
  • A perception that the student is not applying themselves because their gifts are apparent but they struggle to perform well in school
  • Self-esteem issues stemming from feeling they do not fit in and are not succeeding
  • What appears to be oppositional behavior, which stems from frustration or intense discomfort in some environments
  • A vulnerability to peer bullying based on their advanced cognitive abilities combined with a potential lack of social skills
  • A risk of misdiagnosis because their behaviors may meet the criteria of ADHD or autism, but might be the result of an incompatible learning environment

Learning Environments Designed for 2e Students

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Given these factors, what are the best schools for 2e students? The learning environment that is best for each 2e learner may be different and will need to be tailored to each individual. However, in all cases it must be a safe and supportive program that fosters respect for learning differences.

An ideal program for 2e students might include:1,2

  • A small group or one-on-one learning approach
  • Flexible curriculum and scheduling with virtual learning opportunities
  • Motivational activities, goal setting, and career skills training
  • Nurturing the student’s unique talents and interests to their fullest potential
  • Programs to build self-confidence, positive identity, and friendships with like-minded students
  • Recognition that grades 6-12 may be some of the most challenging times in a 2e person’s life
  • Dedicated and well-educated teachers who recognize and help enhance the gifts of each student

One-to-One 2e Learning at Lydian Academy

Lydian Academy offers private one-on-one middle and high school programs both virtually and in person at our Menlo Park or Burlingame, CA campuses. Our 2e programs build confidence and independence while advancing at the student’s pace.

We offer college prep courses that allow our instructors to build a curriculum that meets the requirements of the highest ranking colleges and universities and which centers on the interests of each 2e gifted student. Contact us today to schedule a tour or attend a virtual open house to find out more about this unique learning environment for unique learners.



We offer a unique year-round one-on-one learning experience, personalized to you and your schedule.

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