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Virtual learning is rapidly becoming one of the most popular options for middle and high school students, as technology, teaching methods, and post-secondary acceptance of this learning model continue to improve. What are the advantages of virtual learning compared to a traditional classroom setting?

What Is Virtual Learning?

Virtual classrooms allow students to attend classes, interact with teachers, and access learning platforms and resources without commuting to campus. This approach has many advantages for students who are not thriving in traditional classrooms or who want a more individualized approach to their education.

Online learning in a virtual learning environment is proving to be more effective than many people expected. Early research is showing that students are reaching or exceeding expectations, in many cases performing better than their peers who receive face-to-face instruction.1

What Are the Benefits of Virtual Learning?

The wide range of advantages of virtual learning can play to the strengths of many middle and high school students, and give many students the opportunity to fully realize their academic potential. Some of these benefits of online schools include:

Eliminates Distance and Scheduling Limitations

Online courses are accessible from anywhere there is an internet connection, allowing students to attend schools that might be too far away to attend physically. Students who have physical challenges or challenging schedules due to sports, performances, or travel can attend their virtual classes from wherever they may be.

Empowers Students With Learning Differences

Not every student learns effectively in a large classroom environment. Many learners benefit from the focused attention available in a small virtual classroom or one-on-one instruction. A student who is introverted, gifted, 2e, or those with attention challenges can be heard clearly, focus on activities and subjects that inspire them, and have more flexible ways to participate in discussions or access course materials through an online education.

Strengthens Time Management and Planning Skills

Online classes encourage students to practice time management and personal responsibility for meeting deadlines and achieving milestones in long-term projects. However, the more personalized approach to their education also allows more immediate feedback and real-time coaching on these essential skills.

Enhances Technical Skills

The skills that students need to navigate virtual learning environments are the same skills that will help them succeed after high school. These technology skills and proficiencies are in high demand, as many businesses shift to virtual platforms for their customers and employees. Traditional textbook learning is becoming less relevant, as current information and research available online is the new standard for business and institutions of higher learning.

Allows Self-Paced Learning

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Everyone learns at a different pace, and virtual learning allows students to move ahead as soon as they are ready, rather than waiting for their classmates to catch up. On challenging subjects that same student can learn at their own pace and receive extra help from instructors in the form of one-on-one instruction or additional coursework. Lectures can be reviewed later, and online discussions remain open for students to contribute, rather than being cut off by the class bell.

Offers More One-on-One Attention for Students

Virtual middle and high schools typically have much smaller class sizes or even offer true one-on-one instruction. This focused and individualized attention allows instructors to tailor their approach and teaching methods to each unique student. A full-time student receiving one-on-one instruction has the opportunity to truly thrive and explore their passion for learning.

Preparation for College and Career Success

Students who will attend college or university have advantages in those environments with the online collaboration, research, networking, and time management skills they have learned in virtual classrooms. Likewise, as they move into careers in the future, the exposure to virtual learning can benefit their advancement and ease the transitions inherent to these life changes.

Exploring Virtual Learning Schools and Opportunities

At Lydian Academy, we offer fully virtual learning for middle and high school students who choose this approach. We also offer in-person classes and hybrid learning which blends the best of both worlds. All of our classes are one-on-one, giving our students the opportunity to explore at their own pace and achieve all the prerequisites for post-secondary education.

Contact us today to schedule a virtual open house or on-site tour of our campuses, and find out more about how Lydian Academy can provide the personalized approach that may allow your child to thrive and rediscover their own love of learning.



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