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Each of us learns differently, and different environments bring out our best performance. Young people in middle or high school might do well in a traditional classroom or thrive in a more focused and individualistic program.

There are many options available that did not exist in the past for students, and many parents wish to understand how these learning approaches compare. Let’s compare and contrast a traditional education system and innovative one-on-one learning environments.

Student-Teacher Interactions

Large class size is considered one of the disadvantages of public schools, and there are standards and limits surrounding the teacher-student ratio in a traditional classroom. Larger classroom sizes may provide more social interaction and opportunities for working in small groups.

When there are fewer students in class, clearly each will get more individualized attention from the instructor and the pace will be determined by the progress of the learners. Smaller classrooms allow instructors to personalize the pace and types of assignments to fully motivate an individual student. Using an individual approach also allows more accurate evaluations, tailored communication styles, and the ability to move ahead as soon as a topic is mastered.

Accessibility and Structure

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Traditional education in a public or private school is very structured, which may work well for organized students and provides a firm set of rules and expectations. A student who has questions or wants to delve deeper into a topic will need to work within that structure and attend scheduled office hours to obtain more direction from their instructor outside of the classroom.

One-on-one learning in a fully accredited program provides flexibility in scheduling and many more hours of available time with the instructor. Instructors have the ability to tailor the speed, activities, assignments, and testing methods of those that fully empower each individual student. Learners can delve more deeply into the subjects they are passionate about without waiting for others to reach their level of understanding.

Equivalent Requirements

Instructors for both traditional classroom schools and one-on-one private schools must meet the same requirements at the state level. When choosing a school for your child, you can be confident that both types of educational environments will meet requirements for admission to colleges and universities nationwide. The accreditations of the school are evidence that students have access to talented teachers who meet state requirements; however, some of the most dedicated and innovative instructors choose to work with schools that offer smaller class sizes or a one-to-one approach.

Empowering Students with Challenges

Traditional classroom models are designed to provide the greatest good for the greatest number of students, and then to provide accommodations to make the environment more accessible for students with life challenges. For many students, this approach meets their needs and empowers their success.

Other learners, however, may have other life factors that lead them to seek a more flexible, individualized approach to education. They may be passionate about sports or performing arts that take them away from scheduled classes. They might have health challenges or learning differences that benefit from the full focus of their instructor, self-paced programs, and flexible scheduling of a one-on-one high school or middle school.

Unique Paths for Unique Learners

No matter which model works best for your child, the school you choose should build strong relationships that honor and respect each unique learner. Your school should flex to meet your student, rather than the other way around.

Middle and high school should provide a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to move toward your child’s life goals. Lydian Academy offers virtual and in-person learning with an entirely one-to-one approach that can help your child thrive and develop a lifelong love of learning. Contact us today to learn more.

Lydian Academy was recently featured in San Francisco Magazine. Read the profile in full below:

For fall 2021, Lydian Academy will open its second location in Burlingame. “After seeing the growth in Menlo Park over the past 15 years, and what being a student at Lydian has meant to our community, we thought now is the time to expand up the Bay Area Peninsula,” said Frecceri.

Lydian serves middle and high school students providing them with a unique opportunity to tailor their educational path. Instead of being in a classroom that may not suit their needs, students learn one-on-one, paired with expert instructors specializing in their subject. 

Lydian offers courses of study for advanced placement students, students in need of credit remediation, neurodiverse learners with diagnosed learning differences or health challenges, gifted and 2e students, and athletes and performers in need of flexible scheduling while simultaneously pursuing a rigorous college-preparatory education. Lydian Academy is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). 

The new Burlingame campus will be led by Christiana Cassio, who possesses 10 years of experience in one-on-one education. “I have seen firsthand the impact of compassionate, student-centric education in a personalized school and how life-changing it is for students and their families,” said Cassio.

Both Lydian campuses are currently accepting students for the 2021-2022 school year and will continue with rolling admissions throughout the year. With a combined 20 years of educational experience, Freccari and Cassio are excited to partner together in this new venture to grow and honor the legacy of Lydian Academy. 


As a parent, you have choices about your child’s education. Considering the benefits of a private school opens up more opportunities and options. Every student is unique. While some may flourish in a public school environment, for others the customized approach and smaller class sizes of a private school may be the perfect fit.

What are the benefits of choosing a private school? Let’s delve into the reasons many parents are deciding a private school education is the best choice for their middle and high school students.


1. Individualized Attention

In general, private schools offer a much lower student teacher ratio, meaning your teenager gets more individual attention in the classroom. At Lydian Academy, one-on-one classes give young people the opportunity to learn at their own pace and in the style that suits them best. 

Building strong relationships with talented and empowering faculty members can help students learn with the confidence and customized curriculum that they deserve. Every individual has a unique set of strengths and challenges, which can benefit from an individualized private school education.


2. Expanded Resources, Equipment, and Facilities

Another one of the benefits of private schooling for students is access to additional resources, technology, and learning facilities. 

With wise management of their budgets, private schools typically offer:


3. College Prep and ECHS

Happy teacher at desk talking to adult education studentsPrivate schools have a high proportion of their students go on to higher education, gaining acceptance at prestigious colleges and universities. Students can also participate in Early College High School or ECHS.

The ECHS program allows students to take community college classes as part of their high school coursework. These courses are weighted the same as high school AP courses and offer these additional advantages:


4. Counseling and Networking to Support Student Goals

Private school graduates are uniquely prepared to achieve their life goals. Career counselors can focus specifically on your young person and help them work toward their dreams through curriculum, a network of alumni in all walks of life, and the opportunity to participate in internships and travel programs.

A diploma from a reputable private school will open doors to the top universities in the United States and around the world, allowing your child to follow their dreams of higher education or even an international baccalaureate degree. Many highly respected and successful individuals attended private school and are happy to help new graduates launch a meaningful career.


5. Flexible and Attentive Private School Teachers and Staff

As a parent paying tuition to a private school, you may find that teachers and staff are more available to discuss any concerns or suggestions you may have. Schooling for your child may be year round and allow flexible start dates, online learning, and tutoring.

Frequent assessments and communication with parents about their child’s progress allow for faster responses to unexpected challenges or life situations. Test results are used to decide where a student’s needs have not been met, and course correction is possible at any time. Parents can meet and network together for social activities and to boost their school with field trips and fundraisers.


Choosing Between Public Schools and Private Schools

Choosing a private school might allow your child to make the most of their school years and provide a springboard for career connections and achieving their life goals. The best student ratio may be a one-on-one learning environment that is fully focused on the learner’s success.

Lydian Academy offers year-round private schooling in Menlo Park, CA and Burlingame, CA that is comprehensive and customized to each student’s needs. We have been provided an unrivaled educational experience since 2006, and we offer NCAA-eligible and UC-approved courses. Lydian is fully accredited and focused on every student’s unique abilities and path to success.Contact us today to find out more about this innovative private school and our commitment to supporting every child’s growth and educational opportunities. Visit a virtual open house to hear the stories of faculty and graduates and ask questions about enrolling your middle or high school student today.

We offer a unique year-round one-on-one learning experience, personalized to you and your schedule.

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