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During the recent shift to remote education for almost all students, psychologists are discovering that some students with learning differences are thriving in a virtual learning environment. Some of the surprising benefits of remote learning that have come to light include:

Better Communication Between Parents and Students

Educators have been aware of the positive effects of parental involvement for some time,1 and one of the effects of virtual learning has been to improve the partnership between parents and teachers. Studies have shown that parents gained a deeper understanding of their children’s needs, their learning styles, and their coursework.2

Improved Focus on Student Mental Health

Because of concerns about remote learning in education and the effects of virtual learning on student mental health, schools now provide more focus on this important topic, as well as training staff and counselors in ways to identify developing issues and provide remote support to those who face mental health challenges.

In addition, it has come to light that the tight schedules and structure of a traditional classroom environment is not the best fit for many students. After-school activities and homework often become additional sources of stress and anxiety. The more flexible schedule of online learning has allowed some students to report less stress and anxiety associated with education.3

Increased Motivation and Opportunities Provided by Self-Paced Learning

The ability to complete coursework in the hours of the day when they are naturally alert and focused is an important benefit of remote learning for many students. The same is true for the ability to take breaks to exercise or decompress, which is proven to improve performance.4 In addition, some students are more motivated to move ahead of a slow class pace, delve deeper into subjects that interest them, and learn time management skills in the process.

Decreasing the Likelihood of Bullying or Social Intimidation

Studies have shown that 20% or more of middle and high school students report being bullied in school.5 Other research indicates that students who experience bullying generally have lower academic performance.6

Other students may not experience bullying but are intimidated by speaking in public or feel the pressure to look and act as their peers do. Being released from this environment and allowed to focus fully on their remote education in a place they feel safe and comfortable has allowed some of these students to reach new heights of academic success.

Empowering Students With Learning Differences

Every student is a unique learner who might reach their full potential in a one-on-one and/or virtual learning environment. While some students with learning differences struggled without their in-person school supports, others found virtual classrooms and more individualized attention so much more empowering that they say they will continue with online learning even after in-person instruction becomes available.7

Leveraging the Best of In-Person and Virtual Learning

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As many schools transition back to a traditional classroom model, students and parents who have seen the benefits of remote learning in their own lives are looking for innovative schools that offer a customized hybrid or online learning experience with individual focus and greater flexibility.

Researchers, psychologists, and behavioral health specialists are seeing the results and coming forward to support schools like Lydian Academy, where those with learning differences receive the one-to-one attention in the most motivating and comfortable environment. If your child has benefited from remote learning and you want to continue this student-centered approach, contact us today to schedule a virtual open house or a tour of our campuses in Menlo Park and Burlingame, CA.



There are many reasons you might choose to provide your child with a virtual education. Whether you select a distance learning experience due to health issues, learning challenges, or regular travel, a remote education can provide a highly robust foundation for your child at any age.

Distance learning provides a consistent experience and ensures your child is guided by professionals throughout their education. As parents, there are lots of things you can do to maximize the benefits of a virtual learning environment, even for older children in middle school and high school.

Benefits of Remote Learning

Remote learning environments can offer students a unique, challenging, and highly fulfilling educational experience.

Remote learning with one-on-one teachers allows your child to learn at their own pace towards their own academic goals, regardless of whether that means a faster or slower pace than traditional in-person schooling.

Children who learn remotely also cultivate a high level of independence and problem solving skills. This includes self-organization and time management skills.

Distance Learning Tips for Parents

Here are some tips on helping your child to get the most out of their remote education experience:

Establish a routine.

Traditional in-person schooling is built around an established routine. Students know exactly where they need to be and for how long. Routines can have a calming effect and create a more responsive state of mind in your child throughout the school day.

For this reason, it’s important to establish and maintain a routine for distance learning, including:

The idea is to create a routine that mimics in-person schooling as closely as possible so your child is ready to learn and engage as much as possible with learning content.

Create a distraction-free learning environment.

Girl in video call with personal tutor on computer

Similarly, a dedicated school space in the home helps to keep your kids focused. Wherever possible, the space should be:

In terms of seating, try to avoid their bed or a sofa. A solid but comfortable chair and flat desk space help to promote attentiveness and concentration.

Don't forget the importance of physical activity.

It can be so easy for kids to spend all day inside, especially in an online learning environment. During your kids' regular breaks, encourage them to spend time outside and get some fresh air. This could be a walk around the block or spending a few minutes in the backyard playing with a pet.

Physical exercise can help to recharge the brain and refocus the mind when it’s time to get back to virtual classes or sit down for homework time. It also allows your child to burn off excess energy and relieve stress.

Encourage socializing with children their own age.

Socialization is critically important for children. It builds confidence and teaches them essential skills. Even if your kid has reached high school, there are lots of things you can do to help them meet new people their own age.

Try to source local sports teams or hobby-based activities that your child would enjoy to ease them into meeting new friends. You could even try organizing a study group on a particular subject.

Provide opportunities for breaks.

Breaks are an essential component of the learning experience. During your child’s “downtime,” their brains are busy consolidating what they have learned and forming memories. This state of mind should be engaged regularly throughout the day to boost the results of learning at home.

Think about how often a mini break might occur in a traditional school environment. Kids move between classrooms, go to the restroom, and have the opportunity to disengage for a few minutes. Try to incorporate several of these “brain breaks” throughout the day for your child.

Lydian Academy Will Help Support Your Child

At Lydian Academy, we believe in providing one-one-one instruction that caters to your child’s exact needs in a trusting, supportive learning atmosphere. To enroll your child immediately, schedule a visit to one of our locations, or learn more about our virtual learning options, contact us today at (650) 321-0550.

We offer a unique year-round one-on-one learning experience, personalized to you and your schedule.

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