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Some innovative public and private high schools are offering qualified students the opportunity to participate in Early College High School (ECHS). While these programs are not the right choice for every student, when it is a good fit for your child, ECHS can offer many benefits and a jump start on the transition to college.

What Is Early College in High School?

Through participating high schools, young people who are ready to take on the challenge of college level coursework can earn up to two years of college credits, or even an associate’s degree, in the time it takes to complete high school. This approach is more than college prep by allowing students to attend college classes and earn actual credits toward their future degree.

These programs were specifically designed to help young adults who may not be able to afford college, or who are first generation college attendees in their families. ECHS allows any qualified student to take this path regardless of financial factors and broadly expands access to higher education for all young people who can take advantage of this fast track to a college degree.

For students who are wondering how to finish college early and parents who are trying to budget for the costs of college, ECHS can be a viable option to maximize academic achievement and save up to two years of time on their future career path.

What Are the Benefits of Early College Programs in High School?

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The educational advantages of ECHS have been proven in the early years of the program. The program helps young people succeed by providing:

Does Your High School Offer Early College Programs?

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Many students change to Lydian Academy, even in the middle of the traditional school year through rolling admissions, because they want to take advantage of the gifted, 2e, and Early College High School opportunities we offer. No matter which educational path we help students and parents customize to individual strengths, all of our students graduate high school with the essential skills needed to reach their post-secondary goals.

Our one-on-one approach to learning allows students to blend college courses smoothly into their high school curriculum, and attend either online or in person. Flexibility and a customized approach to high school frees students and parents to find the methods and environments where they can truly thrive and excel.

You can contact us to schedule a virtual open house or tour one of our campuses in Burlingame or Menlo Park, CA. Partnering with us opens the doors to the most innovative and comprehensive approach to your child’s education. To find out more about ECHS and all our programs, reach out to us today.



We offer a unique year-round one-on-one learning experience, personalized to you and your schedule.

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