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Each of us learns differently, and different environments bring out our best performance. Young people in middle or high school might do well in a traditional classroom or thrive in a more focused and individualistic program.

There are many options available that did not exist in the past for students, and many parents wish to understand how these learning approaches compare. Let’s compare and contrast a traditional education system and innovative one-on-one learning environments.

Student-Teacher Interactions

Large class size is considered one of the disadvantages of public schools, and there are standards and limits surrounding the teacher-student ratio in a traditional classroom. Larger classroom sizes may provide more social interaction and opportunities for working in small groups.

When there are fewer students in class, clearly each will get more individualized attention from the instructor and the pace will be determined by the progress of the learners. Smaller classrooms allow instructors to personalize the pace and types of assignments to fully motivate an individual student. Using an individual approach also allows more accurate evaluations, tailored communication styles, and the ability to move ahead as soon as a topic is mastered.

Accessibility and Structure

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Traditional education in a public or private school is very structured, which may work well for organized students and provides a firm set of rules and expectations. A student who has questions or wants to delve deeper into a topic will need to work within that structure and attend scheduled office hours to obtain more direction from their instructor outside of the classroom.

One-on-one learning in a fully accredited program provides flexibility in scheduling and many more hours of available time with the instructor. Instructors have the ability to tailor the speed, activities, assignments, and testing methods of those that fully empower each individual student. Learners can delve more deeply into the subjects they are passionate about without waiting for others to reach their level of understanding.

Equivalent Requirements

Instructors for both traditional classroom schools and one-on-one private schools must meet the same requirements at the state level. When choosing a school for your child, you can be confident that both types of educational environments will meet requirements for admission to colleges and universities nationwide. The accreditations of the school are evidence that students have access to talented teachers who meet state requirements; however, some of the most dedicated and innovative instructors choose to work with schools that offer smaller class sizes or a one-to-one approach.

Empowering Students with Challenges

Traditional classroom models are designed to provide the greatest good for the greatest number of students, and then to provide accommodations to make the environment more accessible for students with life challenges. For many students, this approach meets their needs and empowers their success.

Other learners, however, may have other life factors that lead them to seek a more flexible, individualized approach to education. They may be passionate about sports or performing arts that take them away from scheduled classes. They might have health challenges or learning differences that benefit from the full focus of their instructor, self-paced programs, and flexible scheduling of a one-on-one high school or middle school.

Unique Paths for Unique Learners

No matter which model works best for your child, the school you choose should build strong relationships that honor and respect each unique learner. Your school should flex to meet your student, rather than the other way around.

Middle and high school should provide a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to move toward your child’s life goals. Lydian Academy offers virtual and in-person learning with an entirely one-to-one approach that can help your child thrive and develop a lifelong love of learning. Contact us today to learn more.

We offer a unique year-round one-on-one learning experience, personalized to you and your schedule.

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