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Gifted and 2e Students

Students who are recognized as gifted or twice-exceptional (2e) often benefit from 1:1 teaching and AP and Honors courses. These students can work at their own accelerated pace and focus on areas of interest at Lydian Academy.

Some gifted students struggle in a traditional large classroom environment because they are not sufficiently challenged on a daily basis. A personalized learning environment allows these exceptional learners to reach their life, educational, and career goals.

One-to-One Classes for Twice-Exceptional and Gifted Students

It can be confusing to parents when their highly intelligent child suddenly exhibits falling grades or becomes bored with schoolwork. These challenges are all too common with gifted students, who may need personalized teaching and lesson plans to be adequately challenged and fully engaged.

Some of the ways that Lydian’s one-on-one private middle and high schools offer advantages to these accelerated learners include:
  • Classes that move at the student’s pace
  • The ability to dive deeper into subjects that the student is passionate about
  • Learning study habits and time management skills that will serve them well in post-secondary environments
  • Enhancing their transcripts with AP and Honors classes, and even college level coursework
  • Accelerated coursework with flexible full- or part-time schedules
  • Dedicated instructors who can help gifted students thrive and rediscover their love of learning


Full-Time Enrollment for Gifted and 22 Students

Lydian offers full-time private school for grades 6-12, with one-to-one classes either in person, virtually, or a combination of both delivery methods. Middle and high school students can attend our Menlo Park or Burlingame, CA campuses or leverage virtual learning from their home or travels.

Our middle school curriculums build academic confidence and encourage independence in gifted or 2e students. Core coursework in five primary domains and elective offerings designed for individual interests provide balance and self-paced advancement for these unique middle school students.

Lydian’s one-on-one WASC-accredited full-time high school programs feature college prep UC/CSU-approved coursework, with 40+ NCAA-approved classes covering all subjects. With personalized attention and guidance, gifted students can prepare for a rigorous college or university and meet all eligibility requirements. Both the Burlingame and Menlo Park, CA campuses offer a variety of AP or Honors courses which are governed by the College Board.

Lydian’s one-to-one approach may be one of the best ways for twice-exceptional students to optimize their middle and high school education. Our instructors focus on the characteristics that make each child a unique learner, and tailor the curriculum to help each student achieve their personal best.

Early College High School Courses (ECHS)

Early College High School (ECHS) courses are weighted as high school AP courses on a student’s transcript. ECHS allows gifted and 2e students to take community college classes while still in high school. College level coursework is a powerful way for advanced or accelerated learners to become comfortable with a college environment before they graduate from high school.

Most of these courses are UC-transferable, and might not only build confidence and familiarity with post-secondary environments, but can save money on private high school and college tuition costs. Having access to ECHS is a great reason to consider Lydian Academy for your 2e/gifted high school student.

Mastery Learning Approach

With one-on-one instruction, Lydian Academy focuses on the Mastery Learning approach, which ensures that each student fully understands the material and demonstrates necessary skills to progress to the next level. This approach is a perfect fit for accelerated learners, because once they have reached this benchmark, they can move on to the next challenge without waiting for other students to catch up.

Another feature of the Mastery Learning approach is that it allows instructors to adjust the delivery methods, teaching techniques, and learning activities to match the interests and learning style of the student. Mastery Learning is one more way that Lydian Academy can help every student achieve more while moving at their ideal pace through an interactive and engaging curriculum.

Accelerated Learning for Gifted and Twice-Exceptional Students

Gifted and twice-exceptional students can have a hard time accessing the learning they need to flourish. Their intelligence can often be masked in the traditional classroom as they struggle to work in an environment that is less than ideal. At Lydian, we also recognize the talents and abilities of 2e students, adjusting lessons accordingly to address learning challenges they may have.

The one-on-one classroom helps 2e students fully realize their potential as exceptionally gifted learners who may have been misunderstood in their local school. Lydian celebrates their abilities and walks with them on an educational path that is like no other.
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We offer a unique year-round one-on-one learning experience, personalized to you and your schedule.

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