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Who is a Lydian Academy Student?

Lydian’s student-centered approach to education encourages students to build skills to help them become strong self-advocates, critical thinkers, and lifelong learners. Lydian students cannot be easily described in any kind of homogenous sense. They are diverse in their interests, pursuits, abilities, and postsecondary plans. The thread that connects students at Lydian is their positive learning experience in our one-on-one courses.

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Students who might fall into one or more of these categories:

Athletes & Performers

These students are involved in competitive sports or performance arts, and often have demanding training and competition schedules, requiring flexibility in their schedules without sacrificing the quality of their academic programs.

Students with Attention Challenges

These are students who are bright, but their potential is often masked by a mismatch in their learning environment. Lydian can help students re-engage with education, enjoy the experience, and thrive.

Gifted & 2E Students

Students who are highly gifted or considered Twice Exceptional (2e) sometimes need specialized instruction to help bring out their innate abilities or move at a faster pace than a traditional school can accommodate.

Students with Health Challenges

Some students navigate health and/or emotional challenges and may have a history of extended absences and credits to make up.

Homeschooled Students

Students who have experience learning at home may seek an understanding, educational environment that allows them to move at their pace and build skills that will support their specific needs.

Students with Learning Differences

Students who have learning differences that were never adequately addressed in the classroom setting will find Lydian refreshing. They perform best with specialized support to access education in a creative and innovative way.

A Lydian student may be a student who:

  • wants to experience education at their own pace, in a personalized way, and in a creative and supportive learning environment.
  • is currently disengaged, and/or having trouble connecting or finding their rhythm in the larger school environment.
  • is academically talented and wants to further their studies by digging deeper or enrolling in the AP program and/or Lydian's Early College High School Program.
  • may have been deemed an "under-achiever" in school, whose grades on prior transcripts do not accurately reflect their abilities.
  • is looking to remediate coursework and strengthen their foundations.
  • wants to have their strengths recognized and enriched, and to have their areas of growth become skill-building opportunities.
  • sees the value in learning and not just an emphasis on grades.
  • wants doors open to multiple, postsecondary paths: attending high caliber universities, continuing on to a community college, or perhaps a vocational route that leads to a career of choice.

Whatever the reason, students come to Lydian to enhance and rediscover the joys of learning. Lydian’s learning environment fosters self-awareness, self-advocacy, and resilience. Any and all students can benefit from Lydian Academy’s personalized, one-on-one learning environment!

We offer a unique and unrivaled year-round one-on-one learning experience, personalized to you and your schedule.