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How Does Tutoring Help Students Achieve More?

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There are many benefits of tutoring that go beyond the obvious advantage of supporting a student in learning about a challenging subject. Tutoring changes the academic landscape for your child, allowing them to achieve more, build empowering work and study habits, and gain confidence by overcoming obstacles.

Tutoring services provide a one-on-one approach that focuses fully on the student’s personal growth and improving academic performance. Working with a tutor can fully engage a student’s passion for subjects of strength as well as helping students feel comfortable with subject matters they find difficult.

The Empowering Benefits of Tutoring

Every student has unique strengths and challenges that can create gaps in their education due to differences in teaching or learning styles. Tutoring helps students learn at their own pace and in a way that aligns with their natural skills. The full picture of the benefits of tutoring may surprise you.

Changing Academic Direction

One purpose of tutoring is to reverse a concerning trend in your child’s attitude about learning or academic performance. With one-on-one attention from a tutor with expertise in the coursework, challenging subjects become easier to understand. Individualized learning plans and activities provide a concrete way to get back on track. Information can be presented in ways that align with the student’s natural learning style, and feedback is immediate and positive.

Filling Gaps in Previous Education

Students might have missed foundational classes or school work due to medical challenges or family obligations and need help to catch up to their current coursework. Changing from one school to another might leave gaps based on the timing of teaching certain concepts. Tutoring sessions can address any missing pieces in the foundation that are keeping a student from fully understanding their current assignments.

Preparing for Upcoming Challenges

Tutoring can also be proactive in preparing your child for difficult concepts on the horizon. By working slightly ahead of their classmates with the extra attention from a dedicated tutor, anxiety about exams, projects, and upcoming challenges can be relieved entirely. Looking ahead can also foster curiosity and self-directed learning rather than waiting for work to be assigned.

Improving Work and Study Skills

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Feeling prepared and confident about the subject at hand helps a young person be a better student. They can be encouraged to verbalize their own thinking skills and ask relevant questions in the classroom. Tutoring improves social and study skills and retention of difficult concepts. Persistence and independence are values that can be more easily recognized and rewarded during tutoring sessions.

Going Above and Beyond

By promoting success in every student and working at the pace which challenges them, tutors can help young people go beyond the ordinary level of proficiency. With self-directed learning and a sense of control over their own success, tutored students gain the opportunity to do more than their peers and acquire the attitude to match. When standard coursework does not challenge your child, tutoring can open the door for them to explore and advance their own love of learning outside the classroom.

Creating a Positive Learning Space

One of the advantages of tutoring is that it is fully focused on the needs of the student. Many students find a large classroom environment to be distracting, disruptive, or in some other way less than ideal for learning. With a one-to-one tutoring environment, students can more easily overcome learning or attention challenges and achieve their best in a positive learning space ideal for them. Virtual tutoring even allows students to tackle problem areas and engage with their tutor from the security and comfort of their own home.

Fostering Confidence and Social Success

Confidence comes from feeling prepared for the known and the unknown. Succeeding at something difficult while learning work and study skills sets students on the path to expect more of themselves and take on greater responsibilities and goals. Achieving academic success and stepping confidently into college with the right resources and know-how may be one of the greatest gifts you can give a young person on the cusp of independence.

Choosing the Best Tutoring Options

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The best tutoring services pair students with core faculty members who are an instructor of record with an accredited middle or high school. These tutors should be immersed in their subjects and able to flex their teaching styles to fully engage and motivate each individual learner. Tutors with the full range of training and resources behind them can more effectively enhance your child’s education.

What If Tutoring Is Not Enough?

If your child is too far behind on a subject for tutoring to allow them to catch up and receive a good grade, there are other supplemental education options to consider. One of these is a Courses on Demand program. Often used for College Prep, Advanced Placement, or Honors classes, Courses on Demand allow students to take or retake a course outside of normal school hours, either in person or online.

Explore Tutoring and Courses on Demand with Lydian Academy

Lydian Academy is a fully accredited middle and high school program with both in-person campuses and virtual learning options for students. Every class at Lydian is one-on-one, making our programs fully customizable and focused on individual student success. While some students attend Lydian Academy full time, many others make use of our Tutoring Services and Courses on Demand to supplement another educational approach.

Our vibrant learning community celebrates the individual differences and community strengths that are fostered through student-focused education. Your child can meet in person with their tutor at our campuses in Burlingame and Menlo Park, CA or take advantage of our virtual tutoring sessions wherever they may be. To find out more about our Tutoring Services or Courses on Demand, contact us today to get started.

We offer a unique year-round one-on-one learning experience, personalized to you and your schedule.

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