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Tuition & Fees

A Word about Lydian Tuition vs. Other One-on-One Schools

Lydian provides students with THE MOST direct instructional time with teachers per semester class of any one-on-one school in the area. We offer:

  • 40 hours with the teacher for non-AP, college preparatory courses
  • 50-55 hours with the teacher for Advanced Placement courses.

If you are considering another one-on-one school, please be sure to ask them about the number of direct instructional hours per course and the price of additional instructional hours. You may find that Lydian is a better value overall for your tuition dollars.

What are the advantages of registering for a class at Lydian versus other personalized education schools?

  • Lydian’s hourly instructional rate for courses for credit is roughly 30-50% lower than that of its Bay Area competitors. Most of our middle and high school students pay $105/hour or less for direct instructional time with their teachers.
  • Lydian students receive almost double the amount of direct, one-to-one instructional time with their teachers for a comparable overall cost, with less reliance on guided independent study.  
  • More instructional hours per course means that accommodations for extended time can be honored, while simultaneously mitigating the need for costly overruns.
  • More targeted one-to-one instructional hours means fewer barriers to learning that may emerge as a result of asynchronous or guided independent study methods. It also means gains in confidence, understanding, and retention that will serve the student beyond their classes at Lydian.
  • Because Lydian takes payments in monthly installments as opposed to up-front tuition for the semester, it’s manageable for families to budget month-to-month and reduce near-term financial strain.


Courses on Demand Tuition (Single Class)

3 hours per weekFinish one class in approx. 3.25 months



4 hours per weekFinish one class in approx. 2.5 months



5 hours per weekFinish one class in approx. 2 months



2 hours per weekFinish one class in approx. 5 months



*NOTE: Students receive approximately 40 hours of direct instruction with their teacher for non-AP courses, and 50-55 hours of direct instruction for AP courses


Full-time (Middle School and High School)

All full-time education plans are customized to meet your student’s unique academic, social, and extra-curricular goals.  Lydian Academy bills tuition on a monthly basis, with most students finishing their coursework for an academic year in 8 to 8.5 months time contingent upon attendance, engagement in their classes, and work completion.  

Similar to our Courses on Demand program, we provide a range of tuition plans for our full-time middle and high school students.   These plans are based on the number of direct one-on-one teaching hours per class each week, and monthly payments are then assessed with comparable hourly rates and completion time estimates per semester class as those listed above.

Our small group Essentials for Success (EFS) class is included with each plan at no additional cost, in addition to our college and career advising and academic counseling services.

Lastly, but certainly not least, high school students who sign up for our Early College High School Program find ways to not only differentiate themselves for the college application process, but significantly reduce their Lydian tuition costs.

Because of our rolling admissions policy and so many customized plan options, we would love to discuss your specific needs with you over the phone to accurately convey this information. 


Sample Full-Time Student Plan (6 semester classes + Essentials for Success)

3 semester classes  

(+ EFS)  

5-hours per week per class
Finish each class in approx.
2 months time (Jan. & Feb.)


(~ 98/hour)

3 semester classes  

(+ EFS) 

5-hours per week per class

Finish each class in approx.

2 months time (March & April)


(~ 98/hour)

 Approx. 40 hours of instruction per classFinish 6 classes + EFS in approximately 4 months 


We offer a unique and unrivaled year-round one-on-one learning experience, personalized to you and your schedule.