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Mid-Semester enrollment means there’s never been a better time to enroll than today

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Prospective students don’t have to wait for a new semester or school year to start receiving the quality, one-to-one education that they deserve. With paperwork usually finalized within a week of inquiry, students can begin to benefit almost immediately from the Lydian advantage.

Mid-Semester Enrollment Request

If you would like to schedule a meeting with the Lydian Head of School to discuss mid-semester enrollment options for your student, please submit this information.

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Mid-year transfers allow students to stop struggling and start thriving today!

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Lydian Graduating Classes

Go to the Post-secondary school YOU want to attend

Preserve your summer to do what YOU want to do

Pacing that’s perfect for YOU

How it works:

Interested in enrolling?

Call us or fill out the form below to learn more. Our office will reach out to you to request transcripts and gather information about current classes your student is taking. They will then schedule an intake meeting with the Principal to make a plan and get your questions answered.

Meet our head of school

Meet with our head of school virtually, in person, or via the phone to customize an individualized learning plan that’s perfect for your student. We will work together to identify goals and objectives for the transfer, and facilitate planning required to be ready for the next term. 

Prepare a Plan

The Principal will work with the Lydian admissions team to schedule classes and create an optimal learning plan for your child. Lydian Academy will also work with your previous school to get all official records, transcripts, and cumulative files transferred over. 

Starting at Lydian is seamless and efficient!

Most students start school within 1 week of inquiry and can complete semester classes within as little as 8 weeks.
Ready to get started? Request more information and take advantage of mid-semester transfers today!
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Begin within 1 week!

With Lydian Academy you can complete semester classes in as little as 8 weeks

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Mid-year transfers are ideal for a variety of students

The Lydian Mid-year transfer is perfect for:
  • Students struggling in their current educational environments due to academic, social, or health challenges.
  • Students who are having a poor start to their year.  Don’t wait and have your child continue to suffer and fail at something that is not working for them. We can start fresh so students don’t have to carry over low grades from the beginning of their term. Because we offer personalized, one-to-one classes, we are able to fill in foundational gaps or holes that may have been created, so they can finish the term on schedule and be ready with the foundational skills necessary to thrive in their subsequent coursework.
  • Students suffering from health challenges can create a modified schedule that fits with their current treatment plan, beginning with only one or two courses and gradually shaping a schedule to fit their needs.
  • Elite athletes who need scheduling flexibility to pursue both their academic and athletic objectives.

No matter the reason, Lydian mid-year transfers can help students catch up, succeed, and enjoy learning in a one-on-one interactive setting with faculty members who are passionate about what they teach and helping students achieve.  Don’t stay stuck in an academic situation that is no longer working for you.  Call now or fill out the request information form below, and begin to see your child grow and flourish in an educational environment designed just for them!

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We offer a unique year-round one-on-one learning experience, personalized to you and your schedule.

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