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Courses on Demand (CoD)

Register for one-on-one College Prep, Honors, or Advanced Placement Courses on Demand from a school with unparalleled academic excellence. All full-time middle and high school course offerings are now accessible to students on-demand, either in-person or through real-time online instruction from the comfort of your home.

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More than 3000 students say they have learned more at Lydian than at any other school. Take a look at our live student survey data for proof of authentic achievement.

The Classes

Choose from an extensive list of UC and NCAA-approved high school courses. We also offer personalized classes for middle school students in math, lab science, writing, social studies, foreign language, and English / language arts. The goal of these courses is to build confidence through academic success and solid foundational knowledge while preparing students for the transition to high school.

How It Works

When you register for a middle or high school Course on Demand, your class will generally meet in the early morning or after school/evening hours to supplement your daytime schedule at your school of record. You tell us your availability and preferences, and we assign you one of our highly qualified, core instructors to teach the class in our one-on-one format.

Lydian's Courses on Demand are just like school - the same curricular content, tests, quizzes, assignments, and grades, but in a class size of ONE. One student, one teacher. Think of our classes as a cross between the classroom for content and tutoring for the teaching style.

In your Lydian class, you progress at your own pace and complete the course when you have demonstrated mastery. Suppose you need a little more time to master a particular unit, no problem. Or, if you already know a topic, you can move ahead. No more slowing down or speeding up to match your classmates — this is your class, at your pace.

Anytime Start Dates

With anytime start dates, we welcome new families into our Courses on Demand program all year.
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We offer a unique year-round one-on-one learning experience, personalized to you and your schedule.

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