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Student-Centered Learning

What if every classroom and every lesson was focused on your child and was presented at their pace, with teaching methods that fully engaged them? How might a personalized education change a student’s level of confidence and academic achievement? This one-to-one learning approach is a key factor that sets Lydian Academy apart from traditional schools.

At Lydian, we believe that each person’s educational path is unique to them. At our one-to-one middle and high schools, every student receives an individualized academic plan based on their specific needs and goals, a customized learning schedule, and one-to-one classes. Students’ schedules and programs provide flexibility while ensuring a high-quality education.

Why One-on-One?

The one-on-one learning experience is like no other. Because students typically meet with their teachers daily, they can build strong relationships centered on trust and respect. One-on-one settings enable students to learn in their own way, at their own pace. 

Rather than working within a classroom model that may not align with a student’s strengths, Lydian one-to-one teachers evaluate students’ learning styles and adjust their teaching methods accordingly while addressing both strengths and areas of growth with personalized instruction. 

In our innovative one-to-one private school, full-time and part-time students have the opportunity to delve into topics or subjects that interest them. Lydian students receive feedback in real time, helping to reinforce the material and build the skills necessary to be successful in their post-secondary endeavors and future career goals.


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Student Feedback

Our live student survey data shows that students experience authentic achievement at Lydian. Our student-centered one-to one teaching environment facilitates both academic and personal growth, evidenced by comments like these:

  • “For me, it is a lot easier to learn one-on-one because there is a lot of discussion[s] that goes into the classes, which allows for clarifying questions.”
  • “Instead of being just another member of a class, you are the only member so you can go into further detail on things you struggle with or enjoy while breezing over things that are easy for you.”
  • “ I have developed confidence in my learning style.”
  • “[The teachers, staff, and administration were] warm, welcoming, and some of the most supportive people I have ever met in my life.”
  • “I have been able to rediscover myself and my love for learning.”

Explore the Possibilities of a One-to-One Education

One-to-one instruction allows every learner to reach their full potential and overcome challenges that might stand in the way of their desire to learn. Even the best local private middle or high school might not provide a fully customized learning plan for your child.

At Lydian Academy, the entire experience of private school grades 6-12 can be fully focused on each student's ideal learning experience. Your child can attend fully online or in person at our Burlingame, CA and Menlo Park, CA campuses. With rolling admissions, flexible scheduling, and accredited coursework, there is no reason not to explore the advantages of student-centered learning today. Contact us for a virtual open house or campus tour today.

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We offer a unique year-round one-on-one learning experience, personalized to you and your schedule.

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