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On-Campus & Online

Lydian Academy offers a quality and enjoyable student-centered educational experience both on-campus and online. Whether students prefer to work in-person or virtually, our teachers help students to meaningfully connect with their studies, peers, and educators in order to remain engaged in their learning.

Remote Classes

While Lydian Academy’s campus is located in the heart of Menlo Park, where in-person learning has been offered for 15 years, we now also provide virtual classes. Students can experience the benefits of one-on-one sessions from the comfort of their home or other locations. Virtual classes are synchronous and just as personalized as our in-person sessions. 

In-Person Learning

Students who enjoy a warm and welcoming learning environment will love working on campus. One-on-one sessions are held in two large buildings where students interact with other students, staff, faculty, and administrators in a warm and friendly, community environment. Passing periods allow for social interaction and homework support can be found on campus, as well as virtually, in a student group setting.
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We offer a unique and unrivaled year-round one-on-one learning experience, personalized to you and your schedule.