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On-Campus & Online

Lydian Academy offers quality and enjoyable student-centered educational experience both on campus and online. Whether students prefer to work in person or by virtual instruction, our teachers help students meaningfully connect with their studies, peers, and educators to remain engaged in their learning.

Lydian students can take advantage of live one-to-one learning at our campuses in Menlo Park, CA and Burlingame, CA, create a customized online learning experience, or utilize a hybrid learning approach which includes all of our full-time and part-time options. There are no set start dates, allowing our students to begin a class on their own timetable.

Personalized Classes Approved by the UC and WASC Endorsed

Both our in-person middle and high schools and one-student virtual classrooms offer a broad range of UC and NCAA approved high school courses, and middle school courses which prepare younger students for the rigors of high school. Building a love of learning and habit of success with a solid foundation of knowledge increases student engagement and confidence.

Coursework for grades 6-12 meets the requirements for prestigious schools and colleges nationwide and includes more than these basics:
● Mathematics
● Lab Science
● English/Language Arts
● Social Studies
● Foreign Language

Remote Classes With a Personalized Online Approach to Learning

With Lydian’s virtual middle and high school, students can experience the benefits of live one-to-one learning from the comfort of their homes or travel locations. Our online middle and high school features live one-student, one-teacher virtual classrooms that allow students to learn at their own pace, and in the places that suit them best.

Students who choose a full school experience online have all the benefits of one-on-one teaching without commuting and around their own schedules. Athletes, performers, those with health challenges, and students who learn best in their home environment may find this the best option to maintain continuity and consistency in their online high school and middle school courses.

In-Person Learning at Our Innovative Campuses

Lydian Academy offers one of the best local educational options available, with two campuses where students can both interact with their peers and receive one-on-one teaching in the classroom. One-on-one sessions are held in two spacious buildings. We have a two-floor building at our Menlo Park, CA quad with an adjacent building for science classes. Our new Burlingame, CA campus features an open floor plan with 7,200 square feet of space.

Students interact with other learners, staff, faculty, and administrators in a warm and friendly community environment. Passing periods allow for social interaction, plus homework support can be found on campus and virtually in a student group setting.

Both campuses are in walking distance to Caltrain, parks, coffee shops, and restaurants. Students who attend in person have access to Full-Time, Courses on Demand, Tutoring, and Summer Workshops.

Courses on Demand

Students can register for Courses on Demand for college prep, AP, and honors courses. All of our course offerings are available both in person or in our highly effective online learning environment.

Courses on Demand can be scheduled for early morning or evening hours to supplement required coursework or even earn college credits while students are still in high school. Students also use this option to take challenging courses at their own pace with live one-to-one learning or advance their studies in a particular field of interest.

In-Person or Virtual Tutoring

We pair students with tutors who are core faculty members or instructors of record, not with other students or aids. Tutoring centers around a student’s learning style, to help them with challenging subjects or to go beyond the basics.

Tutoring is available on campus or via live online one-to-one instruction. This focused attention can also help students with time management and improve their study habits.

Learning Environments Focused on Each Individual Student

Every student learns differently and might thrive with one-on-one teaching in person or in our online classrooms. Both options focus on the strengths and interests of the student, as we strive to support the goals and abilities of every learner.

Interested in seeing our campus, scheduling a virtual campus tour, or learning more about our in-person or virtual classrooms?

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We offer a unique year-round one-on-one learning experience, personalized to you and your schedule.

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