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Lydian Academy Testimonials

Navigating the educational landscape can be daunting when it comes to choosing the right school for your middle or high school student based on their nuanced learning profile and needs.   The following excerpts underscore some of the personal experiences our Lydian parents found relevant to share with prospective families.   
If you'd like to speak with one of our current Parent Ambassadors, please give us a call and we can get you connected.  Otherwise, read the full reviews at our Google my Business site for the Lydian Burlingame and Menlo Park campuses.

What parents have to say about Lydian Academy:

A learning difference diagnosed in 9th grade brought us to Lydian and since then he’s thrived there – able to realize his own academic potential. Lydian has afforded him the opportunity to develop and grow his own non-profit, has challenged him academically, and has supported him with the entire college application process (thank you Perla and Elisabeth!) from test proctoring to rec letters to AP course selection. Because of that academic support and intangible emotional support over the past four years he was recently admitted into an Ivy league university.

Grateful Parent

Jonathan Frecceri has been a wonderful guide and mentor to our son and our family. When our son first started Lydian, he was guarded about a new school environment. Since our first meeting with Jonathan, he quickly built a supportive and warm relationship with our son, who trusts and looks up to Jonathan for advice about his academic and career planning. For our son at Lydian- this school has been a great fit, and the teachers at Lydian and Jonathan have been incredibly supportive and accommodating. We are very grateful to see our son thriving at Lydian, and he has never been more positive about his education and his academic future.

Benny Gavi

Lydian was the perfect format for our son. It's all one-on-one teaching -- and our son was in a private room. Our son received all the attention he needed and he got to go at his pace. We were so thrilled with Lydian that when he started at Foothill college we hired Lydian to tutor him for his first year. I honestly can say that our son would not have graduated high school without Lydian. I will be forever grateful it was there for us.  Jonathan and Perla have done an amazing job - they have continued to improve the school - it's now accredited!!! and they are building community for the kids in new and exciting ways.

Ann Protter

Our son not only got the challenge he needed in his classes but also a lot of understanding and support at Lydian. Jonathan came up with the right academic plan for him. The teachers we had were all excellent, even exceptional. The staff were always there to help. Jonathan was always enthusiastic, energetic, and ready to solve problems. His earlier training as a therapist brought a lot of understanding and empathy to the many challenges we had to face from when we first started picking up the pieces to eventually get to a very different place today.  As parents of a 2e kid, we strongly recommend Lydian Academy as a place that we think can uniquely support others in a similar situation.


The staff, administration, and even the other students at Lydian, embraced my 6th grade son when he arrived there. He was a challenging personality who, at that age, really needed support and guidance to help him develop social/emotional skills. In addition, the academics were fantastic. The ability to go at his own pace was crucial to keeping him engaged. Today he is a public school sophomore in AP Calculus and earning top grades. He has friends, gets along in classes, participates in extracurricular activities - none of which was something he could do when he arrived at Lydian.

Bree Richardson

...our student is making great grades and most of the time loves his classes. They handled the pandemic very well and our student hardly missed a step. It's made all the difference. Good people who  care. It's been an amazing transformation and very rewarding to see the commitment of the staff and how they've helped our son.


As parents of a 2e kid, we strongly recommend Lydian Academy as a place that we think can uniquely support others in a similar situation. The teachers are wonderful, dedicated educators who make learning interesting and fun. The flexibility of scheduling is amazing. Lydian's Principal Jonathan Frecceri is a solid leader. He has managed the school, students, parents, staff and teachers with such care and compassion over these very challenging Covid years. While keeping safety in mind, he always put the students first. Lydian has a bright future as a fully WASC accredited school with two campuses, great leadership, teachers and many new programs being developed for after school activities

Loren Gordon

We offer a unique year-round one-on-one learning experience, personalized to you and your schedule.

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