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6 Solid Reasons to Move Schools

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Are you wondering whether a different school environment might help your child achieve more and regain their love of learning? These common reasons to move schools can help you decide if changing schools will help your child reach their academic goals and potential.

1.  Declining Mood and Motivation

If your child seems increasingly unhappy about their school, and expresses it in words or actions on a consistent basis, there may be some underlying problems with the learning environment. Many parents first consider changing schools because their child is unhappy.

Mental health is an important concern for young people. Allowing them to languish in a school where they feel left out or left behind can have long-term impacts on their self-esteem and attitude. Finding a middle or high school where your child feels fully accepted, valued, and supported is a great reason to switch schools.

2. Disconnects Due to Learning Styles

Not every environment is a good fit for every child. While some students thrive in public schools and private schools with large class sizes and multiple distractions, others do not. If your child’s learning style is visual, auditory, or action-oriented, they may find it difficult to learn effectively in these surroundings.

If your child’s current school is not a good fit for the way your child learns best, it might well be time to consider other alternatives. Smaller class sizes, better student/teacher ratios, or even one-on-one learning models allow instructors to teach the same subject matter using the methods that most effectively engage each individual student.

3.  Progress Has Plateaued

If your child is not progressing at the same rate as before, they might not be adequately challenged in their current school. Your child’s education is intended to help them develop not only intellectually, but socially and emotionally as well.

If your child is falling behind their classmates or working far ahead of their assignments, they may be disconnected from the pace of learning in their school. There may be AP or 2e programs available which can help them regain their enthusiasm and passion for learning, or a more focused and individualized approach may be the answer.

4.  Emotional or Physical Safety Concerns

Feeling safe is an essential human need. When a child feels unsafe at school, learning becomes difficult or impossible. The daily stress of worrying about crime or bullying at school overwhelms the efforts of the most dedicated instructors.

When school administrations struggle to protect the safety of their students, it is often those most at risk who are the subject of bullying. Those who learn differently or face physical challenges are more likely to be victimized or traumatized in an unsafe environment. If you are concerned about your child’s physical or emotional safety, there may be no better reason to move schools.

5.  Lack of Necessary Accommodations

Students who learn differently or face attention challenges may need classroom accommodations that a particular school is unable or unwilling to provide. If you have struggled to work with the school to implement an IEP or 504 plan, it may be because they do not have the resources to comply with its requirements.

Choosing a new school that will work diligently to fully accommodate the needs of your child can make a tremendous difference for these unique learners. Rather than being perceived as a disruptive or “bad kid” in class, they can advance with an individualized approach that focuses on their strengths and utilizes innovative tools and resources to support their academic goals.

6.  Practicalities and Other Priorities

Mother teaching her daughter while sitting on couch in living room

If the family needs to move because of job changes or relocation, the commute to your child’s existing school may be too long to manage. Many students have athletic or artistic performances to schedule around their schooling. Some may face health challenges that interfere with a regular school year or attendance during normal school hours.

Many parents choose to change schools because of these lifestyle and practical factors. While education is very important, so are these other passions, challenges, and necessities. Your child might be served best by a virtual learning environment or a hybrid approach or need Courses On Demand or private tutoring to achieve balance with the other priorities in their lives.

Exploring Other Educational Opportunities

If your child is struggling academically or you suspect that a different learning environment might help them achieve their dreams, you have good reason to look into the opportunities available to them. At Lydian Academy, we offer a one-on-one approach which is tailored to your child’s unique learning style.

Flexible scheduling, rolling admission, and virtual learning opportunities may provide the right balance of challenge, consistency, and self-paced learning your child needs to thrive. Contact us today about enrolling your child in Lydian Academy and witness the difference a student-focused approach can make.

We offer a unique and unrivaled year-round one-on-one learning experience, personalized to you and your schedule.

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